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Darth Christmas Snow Globe Review (40223)

TLDR Summary: Highly sought after “Limited Edition” item but underwhelming build, decent table top accessory. This understandably should remain as a free gift and fans out there should not spend more than $35 on this set if you were to buy it off the black market (aka Bricklink or eBay). Due to it's uniqueness, it’s quite sought after, and I’m seeing that if you’re fast and patient enough, you could actually grab one at this price range.

The Christmas Snow Globe has been a much sought after item in the community because of it’s unique design. It’s not the typical LEGO offering and the box packaging certainly is very beautifully designed with product placement in the photograph. Consisting of just 215 pieces, it’s a reasonably tiny build that should not take you more than 20 minutes.

The back of the box is similarly beautifully photographed but with the pull-out action of the snow globe feature - a drawer to hide your thumb drives (I guess). :-D

First step, everything out of the box. 3 un-numbered bags and an instruction booklet.

Knolling the parts out show’s that there’s very little unique elements here, with the exception of perhaps the transparent “globe” which is not actually spherical but a cylindrical shape with a transparent dish - I'm guessing that this is most rare element amongst them all.

The first part of the build is the base without the cover. Pretty much brick-laying of the masonry elements with towers created at the 4 corners using studs. Notice that the beams are built on the left and right (to eventually provide a guide beam for the drawer)

Once the base is prepared, the top is covered to form the centrepiece. One can almost guess what goes in the middle. Could it be a tree? Noooo way....

As Mr Claus was caught selling the plans to the Death Star to the rebels, the only likely replacement we could find is the man himself, Lord Vader to be the centre of attention in the Snow Globe. Vaders shields need to come up now surrounding him.

What I find disturbing is the joint between the two transparent elements come together in the middle of Vader’s helmet / face forming a break line.

No Christmas is complete without a tree, and hence one has to be built. Using very simple square elements and various green plates and 1x1 round colored studs as ornaments. Not the best looking tree, but one that’s good enough.

Stick it in the middle and it’s all done. (Yes, that straight line joint in front of Lord Vader still irks me out totally)

The spherical shields are secured with the radar dish and a round plate to lock it in.

The top is very plainly decorated with tree elements to look like mistletoe. Again, nothing complex, very simple build with studs - just giving the globe some color and character.

The other side of the tree is pretty plain. The little 'droplets' of snow are just 'drabbled' all over. I'm not sure if I want to shake it as it's likely not going to flow down in slow motion like flakes from the sky.

The final step is to basically build the drawer. Using the remaining elements with a ridge to support the slot of the box into the main chamber, it’s a nice touch that was thought of in the design, just like a real drawer mechanism!

I actually had trouble fitting in the drawer, something simply wouldn't align. With a little bit of jiggling and force, it finally went in with a nice snuggly feeling

The finished product is nice, and I think it takes a while to grow on you.

Now, what do I do with a 4x4 stud drawer that probably can hide a handful of my M&Ms? I’m not sure, I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

Is Lord Vader happy in there? I would think so - he would be rather be blasting planets to smithereens out there in a galaxy far far away. But I guess everyone including Vader needs to take a break to celebrate Christmas.

Some of the remaining parts including the Santa that was tortured to a violent death.

Was it a good build? Was it worth the hype? I think both yes and no - There are some LEGO sets that are pretty, but not necessarily a good build and some vice versa. I think this is something that is a reasonable build and just average in parts and the final outcome needs to grow on you.

If I had to pay for this, I would’t pay anything more than $35 max, but the strength of the want is beyond what’s inside, but the external box itself - nicely designed and one for box collectors to admire and keep in pristine condition. :-)

My scorecard:

  • 3 out of 5 stars for build process

  • 4 out of 5 points for the final product - it looks good on your office desk as a Christmassy item to have at the end of the year

  • 5 out of 5 points for a great external looking box!