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Inside the home of a hardcore AFOL

Most of us can only dream of displaying our builds, MOCs and Minifigures in the best way possible in our homes, and there are always compromises to be made. We found ourselves a hardcore AFOL that made it happen, the dream home of an Adult Fan of LEGO Evan Chang from Singapore.

This is one of those times where pictures say a thousand words, these photos says a thousand words, and a few thousand bricks! Let’s head down with a visual tour.

The Living Room

The back of the living room wall, lined with custom display area for modulars and buildings.

The coffee table doubles up as a display case for trains, and in the far right, a corridor showcasing minifigures.

A closer look at the minifigure showcase area

The Dining Area

A closer look at the dining area and doors full of figurines.

What stands out are the custom doors used to host Minifigures. It’s all wall! What door you say? There’s more than meets the eyes in this dining area.

A closer look at the display area cabinets. Even the size of the SSD somehow looks small compared to the generous display area!

You can see that Evan also collects other figurines encased here very elegantly.

Custom Built Doors

The icing on the cake are the custom doors. Even Lord Vader would be proud to have an army this size!

Let’s take a look at the construct of the door. This is the front of the door. Typical doors are 35-45mm. These has been customised to be 60mm thick. This means that the door frame has to be customised!

The door has a concealed dampener to ensure that it does not slam and will close gradually and elegantly, saving any impact to dislocate any Minifigures encased within.

Notice the front of the door has no handles to have a clean look. The back of the door has a tiny hole for a special lock mechanism for access to the minifigs! Can you spot it?

Even the key has a rustic look to it. Fitting snug into the keyhole.

The door slightly ajar for you to give you a peek of the latch that will now allow you access to the figures and the glass panels.

A closer look at access area once the panel is removed.

With the panel removed, you can now see through the other side

The Aquarium

Just when you think it’s over, its not. There’s another feature which stands out. The Silent Mary in an aquarium.

You can’t really tell from the photos, but the aquarium is filled with water.

Here’s a video of how the Silent Mary got into the tank!

With so much LEGO in one’s home… what do you do when you’re missing a Kleenex holder? You build one of course! Simple but doing its job… a brick built case for your daily use!

There you have it, a home any AFOL would die for... we hope it's inspired you or given you some ideas at the very least on how you can plan for your future crib!

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