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About Brick Hello


The reason why this site exists

When I first started the journey down this ABS plastic rabbit hole, I started writing lengthy posts on Facebook. After 24 hours or so, it would just disappear into the twilight zone. It frustrated me to know that I spent time sharing my thoughts and find to only have it all gone down the drain. I needed a better way to archive my posts for future reference. 


I also found that "the internets" lacked a certain type of LEGO coverage beyond the bricks. I had a love for the company, how it operated, where it came from, and how it came to be. There were just not enough information aside from the madness of collecting, building and MOC-ing. This site is actually, if you will, a personal journal of what interests me and how I chose to document it for other like-minded fans alike whose interest may be piqued by the same things that sparks my curiosity.  


The content you find here will probably last longer than sound bites or yesterday's news. I do hope that you take the time to explore and learn a thing or two each and every time you visit, for there's a lot more to LEGO that what you see come out of the box. 



Our Content

Brick Hello is a place where you find unique LEGO content that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. We want to bring you something different to keep you entertained, beyond the bricks in particular and peripheral topics that are interesting, and from time to time, inject some humour into everything! 


We focus on being unique in the following ways:


  • Blog Posts with a different Point of View - we try to feature things you've not seen or read elsewhere! 

  • Investigative Type Articles - if there's something interesting, we'll dig into it!

  • Reviews which share more than the standard builds - when we can, we go beyond the build!

  • Building Instructions which you probably won’t find anywhere else - when we see a good one, we work with the designers to preserve their work! 

Because we’re not your run of the mill LEGO Fan Page, our original posts takes time to write and research, we want to feature quality over quantity, so while our updates are not as frequent, do follow us over on Facebook or Twitter where we do share tiny tidbits on a daily basis to feed your LEGO hunger. 


There’s Brick Hello, but there’s more out there… 

While we do cover the occasional news, reviews and MOCs, we believe there are many other great places that do it a lot better and with great dedication! Here are some that you don’t want to miss out on!  


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