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Showcasing LEGO with IKEA - Ribba and Kasseby [Part 1]

Sweden and Denmark, two Scandinavian countries that are tied together geographically and they have been quite a popular match made in heaven for enthusiasts who want to display their burgeoning LEGO collection!

Image Credit: Johannes Würfel 

A major pet peeve for most AFOL's that display their builds is that they tend to collect dust very easily if left in the open, especially in tropical weather. In this two part series, we try to compile and share some popular IKEA products used by LEGO fans the world to showcase and organise their collection. 

1. Ribba Shadow Box 

Size: 23 x 23 cm or 50 x 50 cm 

Colors: Black or White

Where to buy: IKEA (Singapore)

Cost: SGD 9.90

A favourite by fans primarily to display Minifigures, the frame has a depth of 4.5cm which gives ample space even for figures with large accessories.  As most of us like to display things systematically, the popular way of displaying the figures is now to arrange them in rows and mounted on bricks.

Possibly the first one to introduce this method to the masses showcased on ikeahackers site, a post dated back from February 2012.

The image shown below is of the 23 cm variant of the frame. Numerous enterprising craftsman are pre-measuring and mounting the bricks via acrylic cut-out or by glue / double-sided tape and selling them as a package on Etsy, eBay and Pinterest along with attractive background prints. 

Image Source: Wetwired CMF Series 1

Image Source: LaserFrame (UK)

The Ribba case not only fits Minifigures well but also Mini-Dolls from the Friends series

Image Source: Pinterest / Etsy

For full-on DIYers, the lowefamily site has compiled a very detailed tutorial and backgrounds for the whole Collectible Minifigures Series (and then some). Click here for the excellent tutoral.

Tip:  You may finally decide to mount those frames onto the wall using nails or special mounting tapes (the frames can be of a substantial weight so make sure that your method ensures that they stay on the wall and not come crashing down to the floor!

You may want to visit wetwired's gallery or laser-frame.com's options if you're looking for custom ready frames. 

2. Kasseby Display Box

Size: 30 x 47 x 8 cm

Where to buy: IKEA (Singapore)

Color: White 

Cost: SGD 23.90

Similar to the Ribba shadowbox, but at double the price, this is a shadowbox frame and this now it comes with a depth of 8cm and it has magnetic door mechanism for the front cover! The extra depth has been utilized by some to house some small builds like the Lego Architecture Skyline series or even Brickheadz done up by the brilliant Tan Kok Mun from Singapore. Some minor tweaking might be needed to accommodate some of the taller builds.

Image Credit: liqiwei2000

Image Credit: Tan Kok Mun, Brickheadz Display - Shiny Autograph Card too!

Image Source: liqiwei2000

Hop over to Kok Mun's Flickr stream for more fine examples or this HKLUG thread for more placements. 

Part 2 of this instalment will continue with Synas Light Box, Lack Hanging shelves and Harliga Glass DomesStay tuned!!!