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UCS Millennium Falcon 2007 vs 2017

The kimono has been opened up wide for all to see, and it is the Aluminium Falcon as many has speculated. We finally get a chance to see and understand how could additional 2344 pieces fit into the same footprint of the previous Falcon.

Pricing Evaluation

The pricing is almost what it would be expected to cost with inflation catered for and the additional pieces. The surprise is the additional mini figures, but they come with a reason. This new Falcon can be a representative of Empire Strikes Back, The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi depending on which setup is used with the mini figures.

The Side by Side Comparison

You can immediately see where the extra bricks went into this. Lots more details (some may say greebling) with less studs especially at the top of the mandibles. The cockpit sticks out a little more which is more movie accurate. The overall result is simply, you get more details closer to the movie magic.

Overlay Animation

Here's another view of the two falcons overlay in an animated GIF. It really gives you a better feel of the differences and how similar yet very different falcons they are.

Physical Differences

There's no denying, we're all trying to figure out where do you stick additional 2344 pieces on a Falcon of the same size. The answer is within some play areas under hidden panels! Let's take a look at the photos that's been revealed to explore the EXTERNAL visual differences!


The new release gives us 10 new mini-figures from 3 different movies. Technically, the Porgs and the Mynock are 'buildable' figures, and you get 2 Porgs. We'll be saying goodbye to Young Luke from A New Hope together with Obi Wan.


While its still a hunk of junk, it's one piece of garbage that all Star Wars fans will love and a must get. The price is going to be a stumbling block for some, but definitely going to be worth every cent I'm sure.


Image Source:

75192 full view from (via Google)

10179 Top View Falcon by Stick Kim

USD Inflation Calculator:

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