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Instructions for LEGO 40486 mini adidas sneaker

LEGO has announced the release of a mini adidas sneaker to complement its larger buildable shoe. We sourced a few reviewers and reversed engineered the upcoming gift-with-purchase item that will be released on July 1st 2021 to give you the instructions to build one on your own.

The set itself will be unique because of printed parts and stickers. Two stickers accompany the set - one on the torso of the minifigure and one on the tongue of the shoe. The 3 stripes are printed pieces, which will be unique to the set, and the white baseball cap, to our knowledge, is also unique as far as we can tell from Bricklink. This basically means it's a worthwhile set to collect if you're looking for a unique set to keep.

The instructions can be downloaded here. We also request that if you like what you see, share the link to this page instead of forwarding the pdf to your friends. Your support for BrickHello will go a long way just by doing that.

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