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LEGO Series 23 Collectible Minifigure Smart Feel Guide

LEGO is back with their latest series of Collectible Minifigures. The Series 23 features a whole bunch of costumed figures that are a must-have for all serious CMF collectors to add to their line-up. There's no better way to obtain them than to get your fingers feeling for the right characters you need! We're back with our logical approach that has had much success before.

Based on our experience, this isn't going to be too difficult to suss out the figures you need. We've taken a look at it from 4 aspects. First knocking off the bulky items, followed by winged or feathered figures, then by items that have long LEGO elements, and finally by the accessories. As long as you remember the few key items, there's little room to go wrong.

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