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Hong Kong Exclusive Space Odyssey Theme Build [INSTRUCTIONS]

I’m a huge fan of the Space theme in general, owning most of the LEGO space shuttles released and related NASA themed sets. When I first saw this promotion, I got pretty giddy with excitement quickly as it was indeed quite a unique set of builds. The best part of these set of builds is that although you see the LEGO printed instruction manual, everything behind it was the hard work of fans from the community, specifically members from the Hong Kong Lego Users Group (HKLUG).

Purchase of the Saturn V in the Hong Kong store would entitle you to a random draw of one of the five available builds and the specially printed instruction booklet. To obtain the rest of the builds, you could help yourself to the PAB selection now that you had the instruction guide.

Everything from the build, to design process, and even the instruction guides were painstakingly created by AFOLs, with the exception of the mass print. According to one of the designer and builder, Bob Chai, the design itself is relatively easy, but the post design work is where the heavy lifting is done. It gave him a better appreciation of the overall process. Things that included extra effort were the constraints of the parts that can be used, parts and also the validation of the instructions. As part of the promotional giveaway, the major constraint was that the total 5 builds could not exceed 100 unique elements as this were the number of Pick-A-Brick drawers available.

The result as you can see for yourself is amazing, so get building or bricklink-ing! Here’s what you came for! The Instructions for Space Odyssey 2017 by HKLUG! The designers were not allowed to release the instructions that they created, hence the Instructions were pretty much hard to find, so the copy you’re going to download is a photographed/scanned copy, so while it’s not pretty, it - should give you everything you need to build them. Special shoutout goes to Jared Chan from Legend Bricks in Hong Kong for snagging a copy of this for me - and it is him who you can thank for these instructions. Eternally grateful - THANK YOU! You may want to check out Jared's excellent MOCs on his Flickr Page

Builds: Astronaut, Space Shuttle, Earth, Lunar Rover, Hubble Telescope

Designers from HK LUG - David Liu, CK Tsang, Lysander Chau, and Bob Chai.

Click Here for the Parts and Instruction Booklet for Space Odyssey 2017 by HKLUG.

BONUS: There’s actually a 6th build that was created by CK Tsang but did not make it into the final 5 yet worthy of an exclusive if you ask me - The Mars Curiosity Rover! Since it wasn’t released officially, you can find it on his Flickr Page with FULL parts and instructions.

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