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Powerpuff Girls Minifigures (Early Preview)

This is an early preview Bubbles and Buttercup from the unreleased and upcoming Powerpuff Girls Dimensions Packs that's supposedly to be released in December according to Amazon listings. We have a missing heroine, Blossom from this cute trio of gals. These figures were obtained from the usual and well known underground sources hence, being incomplete. Where do they really come from? Sometimes it's best not to ask and enjoy the show.

Buttercup (my favourite) comes from the 71343 Fun Pack, whereas Blossom is from the 71346 Team Pack with her (missing sis) Blossom. Both packs are listed on Amazon, but not available for order just yet as of today (August 1st). Recently there has been rumours that the Dimension series is about to come to an end. True enough, there has been a slowdown, but there has not been any official announcements as far as I'm aware of.

The first thing that stood out from these minifigures are their enlarged head pieces! While it's odd to find them in the typical LEGO minifigure lineup, I love them! They really give a sense of cuteness with those huge eyes just like in the animated series! My find did not include the various mini-builds, so we're just going to have a closer look at the figures here.

Buttercup in Green, Bubbles in Blue

As with their animated counterparts on screen, these girls are fitted with the somewhat disliked stunted leg pieces which do not allow them to be seated properly. Proportion wise, they're great but looks like these super-gals will have to stand for eternity never being able to be seated to rest. All's good I'm sure as that's expected of heroes these days. :-)

When I first looked at these, I was reminded of the Sonic the Hedgehog recent release and of it's size. I did recall it was somewhat similar in size, but boy was I wrong. A quick comparison shows that Sonic seemed to have a smaller profile indeed. My second look told me how much detail went into the headpieces with the signature nicks and curves of each unique character, especially Buttercup (my favourite)

The side profile view did show that it is almost as large in depth.

What's worth comparing is that with the recent releases, LEGO has gone beyond the traditional head stud especially with pop culture characters in the market. Let's hope they keep this trend up with even more to come.

Oh, and yes, in case I didn't mention, Buttercup is my favourite Powerpuff girl. She's always got that angsty look. :-) It's quite amazing how a small difference in eye placements emote huge differential expressions! I can't wait to complete the trio with Blossom!

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