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How accurate is the LEGO SDCC Spider-Man Advanced Suit Minifigure? [Review]

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

LEGO never fails to tease and create hype around exclusive minifigures during the San Diego Comic Convention and 2019 is no different. The Spider-Man Advance Suit from the PS4 Game was the chosen exclusive. We take a look at how accurate it is to the original design of which it was inspired.

The Packaging

The Minifigure comes in the standard unsealed blister pack that's familiar to all the past years packaging.

The Comparison

While the minifigure is great and full 2 sided print for the headpiece and the torso, the legs only feature a front side print and the hands are standard non-printed hands. The dual-moulded features for both the arms and legs would have been great to have, but perhaps it's asking too much?

Let's compare it to the suit and zoom in to a few focus areas.

Eyes: A great representation of the eyes in terms of shaping. Captures the true essence of Spider-man.

Insignia: The insignia on Spider-Man's chest is a great and accurate representation of the print on the suit.

Belt: The belt area is in the shape of a "V". The minifigure couldn't quite get it right with the split between the torso and leg parts so we get a blue divided line. Not perfect but I can't suggest any other way to fix this limitation of print

Feet: The doesn't look quite right, but I guess an attempt was made where if the feet were looked straight on, you'd see the white markings.

Hands: This is the part with the greatest disappointment. We've not seen LEGO print details on the hands, so it's quite impossible to capture this detail on a minifigure. However, the signature white design is a unique standout on the actual suit.

Head: The head detailing is quite perfect with the inner eyelid on the minifigure featuring a tint of silver. The webbing design is accurate as well.

There you have it, a quick visual guide and representation of the exclusive minifigure. To date, I've not been able to find a decent "Clone" brand of this figure. It seems that there is no demand for having a China-made clone hence I didn't get to do the usual comparison as we did with the Deadpool Exclusive minifigures over the past years. However, if you do come across any you think it's worthy of comparison, do drop us a note!

Bonus photo if you wanted a closer look at the cardboard insert of both the front and back unobstructed.

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Note: The images used for comparison are the Sideshow-Hot Toys model figures. If you like them, here's where you can buy the statuette which is pretty cool looking!



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