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Tips for Beginners on Building MOCs

Alex Johnson from LEGO MOCs - Tips & Tricks has released a guide for beginners for folks that want to start building with Lego. MOC stands for My Own Creation and is a Adult Fan Of LEGO terminology for something that you design from scratch and original. This is really Lesson 101 on your journey to a Master Builder, getting to know the parts and concepts. There are no hard and fast rules, but the best way is to dive right into actually building something and a bit of background like this will always help.

Alex runs a Facebook Page at where he releases very frequent Tips and Tricks to help you along with terminology, analysis of sets and basic connectivity tips.

Below is a sample of the content and presentation. The first Builders Handbook is 9 pages and it’s compiled in a handy pdf file that you can stash on your mobile device for a quick reference or read. You can download the Beginners Handbook right here!

If you like what you see, don’t forget to join his pages at:

LEGO MOCs Tips and Tricks

The Builder’s Handbook can also be found at its sister community page

LEGO MOCs - Community builders

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