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Polybag Giveaway! We want your feedback!

Brick Hello wants to know what YOU think of OUR website! Yes, you get to influence how we shape what you see and read!

Three winners! What’s up for grabs?

1 x Lester Minifigure Polybag (40308)

1 x Batman Battle-Pod Polybag (5004929)

1 x Star Wars R3-M2 Polybag (40268)

The chance to win is open to anyone and everyone that loves Lego around the world.

The three winners each will receive one (1) LEGO random Polybag via Tracked Post anywhere in the world. Winner will be chosen based on the most honest (yes, it's quite subjective) and constructive feedback at the discretion of Brick Hello Admin.

The feedback survey will be opened until December 15th.

Step 1: Like our Facebook Page

Step 2: Tag a friend on this Facebook post: https://goo.gl/wmUHFi

Step 3: Fill in the Feedback Survey!

Hint!!! The most important part of the survey is the open ended feedback section. So, familiar yourself with the site before answering!

You’re all done. Have a cup of coffee, sit back and relax!

The Fine Print (yeah, we gotta say some things so that no one gets upset)

  1. I’ll send the prizes anywhere in the world as long as the Singapore Post Office will deliver it.

  2. Postage for the winner will be a mail with a tracking number - so it don't get lost!

  3. I make the final decision, coz I'm da boss (or so I'd like to think)

  4. By filling in the form, you give me consent to use your comments should you be the winner. I won't be using any of the other information you provide.

  5. I'm asking for your email in the form, I have your consent to send you 1 email (yes, only 1 if you don't win). That one email is to share with you who the winner is so you know this is not a scam of sorts. However, if you're the winner, we'll need to co-ordinate on me shipping the polybag to you, that's how I'll reach out to you.

Seriously though, I'm just looking for general feedback on what you think of this site. So spend some time to browse, tell me what you think. There's no right or wrong answer, but the more constructive and what you REALLY think of it (good and or bad) is going to be what I'd like to hear.

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