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Winners and results of the 2017 Brick Hello survey and feedback!

This took a while, but we got to it finally! We also wanted to also share with you the results of our survey we conducted. Earlier in November, we asked for Feedback on our page and what you thought of it. We had 41 respondents and it’s always fun to look at statistics!

We put in a carrot (ok, actually 3 "polybags" of carrot sticks) for folks genuinely to really really really yes, really tell us about what they think, and heck, if we could get a few more likes on our FB page - why not, it will help in the long run. You can always unlike the page if it’s not something you like, but why not give us a chance? We were torn for quite a number of good feedback that we decided to award 4 winners, not just 3 as annouced.

Since we don't have names but only email addresses, we've redacted a few characters of the address, but I'm pretty sure you'll know if that's your email address. We will also be sending the winners a reminder on how we can get in touch with you. So please look out for that mail in your inbox!

Without further ado… the winners in no particular order are:

Respondent: f****.****p @ o*******.com

Brick Hello: Thanks for the thesis, oops.. I mean feedback! We hear you and keep a watch out on a couple of things you mentioned around interviews! We'll be sending you R3-M2 Polybag once we hear back from you!!!

Respondent: t*******_**y @ h******.**m

Brick Hello: Thank you for your very candid comments! Sometimes we like to think we don't know what we're doing at all but we're glad to hear that it's relevant and easy to consume for that's our intention. Keeping it simple! Look out for a Lester Minifigure Polybag once we get your address to ship them to!

Respondent:​ m*****6 @ g****.**m

Brick Hello: Very well said! Thank you for the suggestions, we look forward towards making the site better and easier to navigate and hope it helps you and others to consume our craziness easier! Reply to us with your address and we will be sending you a Batman Battle-Pod!

Respondent: o******p @ g****.**m

Brick Hello: Thank you for your thoughts and what you'd like to see! We're working on something along the lines of what you mentioned, we hope it touches the points you're after! Lookout for a Mini-Batmobile!

The survey results!

For the very first question, it looks like a huge portion of you came to our site for the carrots! Don’t be shy! You certainly were not! It’s all good! We hope it attracted you and keep you with us for a longer period!

Our second question, there were some canned responses, but we like that some of you came out with your own!!! I’m glad to hear that no one called it ugly, but a huge portion of think we need touchups! We’re also glad to see that content matters! We’ll keep doing what we do and hope you like what you see.

With regards to the content, it looks like most folks are good with what we do, but some just said we’re like any other site. We wonder why! Again, we’re glad that no one called us out on being unimpressive. we’ll take that a positive!

This is an interesting question. Again, we had canned answers, but we truly appreciate those that took the extra mile to give extra feedback. I’m glad to say folks want to see something random! To surprise them! That’s what we’ll keep doing! The other major areas are Set Reviews and Comparisons! We’ll try to do our best here!

Now, this is interesting too! Most folks are less than 3 years in the scene, but the’s a strong team of over 3 and beyond 5 years! We do have a standout who’s been an AFOL since the 80s! We think we know who you are! (*wink!*)

Our final question was about the sites that you love and visit! Here is a run down of your responses! Brick Hello is not the only place for your LEGO fix, here's a good list to visit!

Brickset (Fan Site)

The one and only database for all LEGO Sets. Covers News and Reviews too!

Eurobricks (Fan Site)

News, reviews, discussions.

CandidBricks (Fan Site)

Reliable News, Reviews and unique content

Brickfinder (Fan Site)

News and Reviews

Brickgeekz (Facebook Page)

Fun Facebook page to join!

The Brothers Brick (Fan Site)

The best place for quality MOCs feature, News, Reviews and Interviews!

Promobricks (Fan Site)

News Blog

New Elementary (Fan Site)

Great discussions and revelations on parts and elements!

Lego quick review (Instagram)

Jays Brick Blog (Fan Site)

News and Reviews

Brickingaround (Fan Site)

Brickfanatics (Fan Site)

Jangbricks (YouTube)

One of the best Video Review sets on earth!

I'm a Singaporean Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL) (Facebook Page)

An extremely active Facebook page

Bricks World Lego Certified Store (LEGO Official Retail Store Singapore)

The Brick Fan (Fan Site)


Largest non-LEGO store for all parts. Buy all your parts here to make your MOCs!

Bricksmart (LEGO Retailer in Malaysia)

Ibrickster (Malaysian LUG)

The Brick Show (Fan Site / YouTube)

Ideas.lego.com (LEGO Official Site)

MandRproductions (You Tube)

Avenue de la brique (Retailer)


Site for building Alternate Models, and MOC Instructions

Once again, thank you for your valuable time and feedback. We've read them all in detail and noted them down. In terms of content, there are most things we will do, but there are some that's not exactly our forte but with the many sites mentioned above, you'll be able to find good coverage. In terms of overall looks and feel, yes, it's long overdue! We hope to make it happen this year! Thank you for your continued support!