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The Smart Feel Guide for Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures

Instead of a complex and wordy feel guide, we feel that Minifigure Feel Guides need to be visual, and just the way we would think logically. Here's our verison of the Harry Potter Minifigure Feel guide. While we're late, it's always better than never! This series is a lot more tricky than the last one we did. But neverthless, we're pretty sure it works well.

Tips for using this guide:

  • Look at this guide and run through it from top to bottom.. slowly... visualsing each element and what to look out for before you go on your hunt.

  • Learn how to identify the wands, and when they're not present

  • Step 7 is the most difficult, it's via a process of elimination. So think in terms of "what's NOT there" while on your hunt

How it was done!

The guide was formulated before the figures were released. But time was needed to see the actual pieces to ensure that certain accessories were separate items (i.e Tea Cup and Plate, or the Book and Briefcase elements taken apart) Here's a bit of a bonus on the thinking process before getting into the digitising work. This was done by looking and studying and grouping the elements and difficulties.

We hope you enjoyed this or found it useful or at the very least, entertaining! If you like what you see, remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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