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Star Wars Movie vs LEGO Comparison: The Empire Strikes Back - Betrayal at Cloud City (75222)

The latest Betrayal at Cloud City (70222) Star Wars release with the Master Builder Series (MBS) is a new moniker that may have stemmed from the backlash of the Assault of Hoth Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set. Rightfully I personally think the MBS approach is the way to go as this is clearly a playset to be built and played with as opposed to a set for display.

MOVIE vs PLAYSET Comparison!

With a playset, accuracy of scenes from the movie is going to be paramount. We decided to bring you this detailed look at the playset from the official images released and compare them to the movie. We’ll let the pictures do the talking for this comparison. Before you jump into the comparisons, here's a refresher of the playset as a whole

Scene 1: Landing Pad

The Landing pad is quite simple. A few things we noticed, since there are two Leia minifigures presented, this Leia is represented in the right travel outfit. The LEGO designers took their time to add in some lightbulbs both on the walls and the perimeter of the landing pad.

Scene 2: Junk Room

We see an IG-88B droid and the circular light thingy in the room. C3PO is on the conveyor belt, albeit not in broken pieces, but full minifigure, while Chewbacca looks for him.

Scene 3: Cloud City

The playset tries to mimic the actual Cloud City from a distance with some greebling. While the greebling is not very impressive, the nice touch added is acknolwedged. I wonder how many of you noticed this?

Scene 4: The Red Corridor

The red corridor is not fully visible in the available photos, but it's the scene where Vader exits the interrogation room in the movie. The designers included the blue lightbulb in the corridor and the note the door curvature at the top beam.

Scene 5: The Ready Room

For lack of a better name, I call this the Ready Room. As the Rebels arrive in Cloud City they gather here for a moment before Lando betrays them all. This is where Leia is in her new outfit which is properly depicted. The two item that stands out is the plant and the decorative glass centrepiece.

Scene 6: The "Nooooo" Scene

First up, the triangle shaped door is represented correctly. If you noticed, the sand blue tiles are used to give the same tinge of blue-ish in this part of the movie. Subtle, but noticeable and pretty cool. The jig at where Luke stands off eventually has a cone shaped thingy and a "fork" at the bottom which is included in the design.

Scene 7: The Entrance Corridor

This is the first corridor that we see the Rebels walk into when they enter Cloud City. What sticks out is the glowing rocket centrepiece.

Scene 8: The circular corridors of Cloud City

This is actually my favourite comparison. Someone that built the actual set (or digitally rendered?) put in the glass doors the wrong way up! The patterns are emulated quite accurately when compared side by side.

Scene 9: The Dining Room

The dining room is where the betrayal happens We see a few prints on the wall, and the cupcake on the table. Now we know Vader loves his chocolate cupcakes! But wait, what is that on the right corner? It's not in the movie! Looks like a miniature version of Cloud City! An Easter Egg perhaps. And on the left corner too, some contraption that's not in the movie. We wonder why those were added inthe first place.

Scene 10: C3PO Shootdown

There's not much here to look at but the inclusion of the Stormtrooper. In the movie the Stormtrooper was never seen but only described by C3PO upon awakening from his repairs by Chewbacca

Scene 11: The Carbonite Freezing Chamber

This scene is pretty straightforward, and an important event in the movie. Nothing in particular stands out here in details, but a generally good build from the scene.

Scene 12: IG-88B Bounty Hunter From Wikia, It's been known that this is the IG-88B droid that was in the earlier scene where it was decomissioned. It is said that while Vader ordered the bounty hunters to seek the rebels, Boba Fett came to Cloud City earlier an dtook IG-88B out in order to claim the bounty all for himself.

What do you think? Did we miss any other major details? Note that when the Cloud City set finally hits the ground, we may find other details that's not visible now. But in the mean time, if you like what you see, give us a LIKE on Facebook!

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