• thebrickguy

Apple iTunes Store gets a LEGO theme overhaul on May 2017 to welcome the LEGO Batman Movie

Sometime back in mid-May 2017 when the LEGO Batman movie was released in digital format, a unique one-off collaboration between Apple and LEGO gave the LEGO store an overhaul and replaced as many movie images, backdrops, posters, with their LEGO equivalent minifigure and background scene equivalents.

We managed to save a few screenshots from the day to share and preserve the event for you to enjoy.

The movies that were LEGO-fied was certainly no accident and a lot of work had to be put into it to render the similar movie poses and scenes to stay true to the original posters and promotional scenes. Clicking into each of the promotional images led to more delights for each movie page. We share below the screenshots below of the scenes we managed to capture.

The Dark Knight


The Wizard of Oz

Man of Steel

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

While it may be a one-off promotional stunt, it certainly got the attention from various media outlets and delighted fans like us. It's also just a testament of how PR and Marketing folks work behind the scenes and ideas that are executed well though the returns may be minimal. We're glad that we captured some of these to remember them by as it may never happen again.