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SDCC 2018 Sheriff Deadpool vs Fakepool

Last year we took a look at the Deadpool Duck vs a clone. This year we do the same with the Sheriff Deadpool vs a fake / clone brand that we got our hands on. We're sharing this so you don't get fooled in your purchase. Well, if you do decide to purchase a Sheriff Deadpool, just make sure it comes in its full bubble pack as well just to make sure. This year's version don't quite make the cut!

The Clone brand came in a plastic baggie whereas the Sheriff Deadpool came in its original packging.

In case you're wondering, the Fake Brand was acquired for a mere 87 cents USD that came from China inclusive of postage. Yes, you read that right. I don't know how these folks make money at all.

The acquired brand is Kopf which is quite popular out there and you can see that this particular minfigure comes with accessories galore! We had 3 pieces of hands, and two machineguns with supressors and two katanas with a holder over and above what the SDCC had.

These are the two minifigures compared with all the 'standard' parts as would the SDCC kit be enclosed with. The moustache piece didn't quite fit in hence the head pops out a little for the Fakepool.

If you didn't already notice the fedora provided is all wrong in shade off in color.

Let's tae a closer look at the differences from top to bottom.

Head - Shape of the eyes are off

Torso - The print has bolder lines overall, while it looks like it coul dhave been traced, unfortunately its not. Note the positioning of the sheriff's star. So it basically is someone hand drawing what was first seen at release. One thing the clone did pretty well is the transition of the print from torso to leg. Almost seamless. Whereas LEGO's piece has a gap. Arms - Manufacturing pip visible. I could have turned them the other way round, and it would be clean, but still appear on the other side. LEGO hands do not have these so prominent.

Colors - The overall colors are off especially with the gun holster

The side profile does not tell much with the exception of the material of which the LEGO piece is more matt at the arms. You can tell it much better if you had these in your hands in terms of overall color variation.

And finally the back which brings us to an intersting point. Without reference, the clone brand does some clever guessing on what would be at the back of the minifigure. They got the bullet belt right (although wrong amount of bullets) with the brown scarf sorta right. The LEGO piece has no printing on the leg piece, whereas the clone did a full belt and cowboy styled pants print! Well done for effort!

The best part about the LEGO piece is the headprint accuracy for Deadpools mask is something to appreciate. A few lines mean alot!

The clone brand with all accessories fitted, is quite pretty cool. This much weaponry will never pass LEGO's tests of violence.

That machine gun I must admit is just pretty sweet.


One last look at the real thing. While I'm not a fan of Sheriff's and have no idea why this particular version of Deadpool is released. It's only the 2nd official LEGO Deadpool Minifigure to ever hit the market. It is UNIQUE and if you're a DP fan. Go for it. Else, you're not going to miss much!

What do you think? Did we miss any other major details? Is there another Fakepool out there that did a better job? Drop us a note and give us a LIKE on Facebook!

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