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Smart Feel Guide for the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Collectible Minifigures

It's been a while and we're back with our Smart Feel Guides! We've tested it ourselves and this is based on real life experience that we even tell you about not just sights but sounds! The feel guide you see is very visually based and follows a grouping and logical system.

We recommend studing it closely from top to bottom and note the important bits highlighted, and in no time, you'd be doing this without any guides but just memory! Save the file for offline use, it's in high resolution so you won't miss a thing! This series is a little different in packaging so pay attention especially to the bag-in-bag to give you an added advantage in speed!

How was it done:

I'm a very visual person and need to plan before it all goes to a digital form. Here's a bit of the process on what goes where for planning purposes.

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