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LEGO Singapore Changi Airport Control Tower Review and Instructions

LEGO is having a promotion together with Changi Airport Singapore, and they're having a Gift-With-Purchase offer of a architecture-like size of the Changi Airport Tower with a spend of $80 Singapore Dollars or more. We got our hands on this and here's a quick review of the build. If you're here for the instructions, just scroll down to the end of the page for the link. The review and what we think of it is as follows.

It comes in a custom LEGO packed Zip-loc back which is quite common with localised promotions and giveaways. Although we are unable to confirm, it's very likely that these were designed by the local LCP in Singapore as all official LEGO promotions are done as such.

Building the tower is quite simple and straightforward with construction starting from the base and working your way up. Below is the base layered with white tiles and plates.

An elevation is created basically hiding all visible studs and with the base structure.

The tower piece is a thin but sturdy enough build using the headlight pieces and a number of 1x1 plates added for height.

The design is elegant and simple The bar element is used at both ends as an insertion point to both the bottom of the base, to the top of the tower.

The construct of the tower is basically made up of rounded elements, and the windows of the build are 1x2 transparent blue bricks to showcase the windows.

Layer upon layer is added until the tower has sufficient bulk as would the actual tower.

The final step is to place the 'flying saucer' onto the tower, with a tan unprinted minifgure head.

There you have it, while it's quite very much a simple build, it gets the job done. With a quick glance, locals find it easy to identify this iconic tower. It would have been nicer to have a more complex build for sure, as there was a display of a much more complex creation over a the Pop-up Booth where this was obtained. I'm sure more local AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) would clamour over this instead of the simple build.

What do you think? Was it done well at the scale given for the promotion?

Singapore Changi Airport, Control Tower Taken by User:Sengkang of Wikipedia.

If you do happen to like it, it's going to be a little tough to obtain as it's only available as a giveaway within the transit section of Terminal 3 in Changi Airport. While you can freely move in between the terminals, you do still have to have a flight outgoing or incoming to grab this.

The temporary LEGO Pop-up store will only be there until the 28th of April, which is just shy of a month away and while stocks last. The store is open from 6AM in the morning until 1AM in the middle of the night. So there's a high chance you'll be able to visit it.


If you came here just for the instructions, here you go. Download them and share your build photos! We purposefully scanned this in and leaving it without a watermark to keep it as pure as possible for the best experience. If you do decide to share the instructions, please place credit and link to this article for all enjoy! Thank you!

Download: LEGO Singapore Airport Control Tower Instructions

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