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Does a full transparent minifigure exist? [Investigative]

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

If you're in the LEGO scene long enough, there will come a time where you may come across the notion of collecting or rather the assembly and collection of monofigures. LEGO Minifigures comes with various colors for the headpiece, torso and legs assembly. With enough patience and I would dare say sufficient funds, you're able to start a decent collection that can be quite addictive but yet appealing.

Mono colored minifigures is quite the thing to the point that there exists dedicated sites, like this Monochrome Facebook Group, or this monofigs.com website that will help you in your journey towards the ultimate collection.

Collecting the various mono colored minifigures has its own challenges but one thing that I've often wondered is that if any full transparent (or sometimes known as trans-clear) minifigure parts rolled off the conveyor belt in the factories of LEGO?

Well, today I'd like to confirm that the answer to that question is an "almost" yes. We came across this listing on eBay by seller ting.l8 and it seems that it exist, albeit with the hands element not being complete.

The various familiar markings show that it is indeed LEGO Parts as clear as day.

A closer look at the various angles shows that there can be no mistake that these came from the LEGO factory.

Here's a screen shot of the listing on eBay which is currently still running. While it's an interesting piece to own, it does come with a hefty price. But at least for now, we do know that such a piece exists out there, well... almost.

As it turns out, the seller has more than just a trans-clear minifigure but a whole lineup of colored versions!

These do however come with completed hands! A closeup look at the green trans clear sets once again shows all the relevant markings of an authentic minifigure.

The same goes for this light red version.

As expected, it does go for a hefty sum indeed!

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