• thebrickguy

SDCC Sample Sets - Where do they come from?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Before we even start - we have no answers! We're reaching out to the community to tell us how were these obtained. Earlier today we were browsing, and discovered that there are "SAMPLE" sets that are floating out there.

Considering these exclusives already are already limited, numbered and exclusives, these being labeled as sample even raises the stakes a lot higher in terms of uniqueness. However on the downside, it does also mean that the actual numbers that have been released isn't accurate as we don't know how many of these are out there.

What we're curious about and want to know from our readers out there ...

  1. Where were these obtained?

  2. Who are they given out to specifically? Employees? Press and Media?

  3. How many of these special "Samples?" are typically made?

If you do know someone or you have answers to these, do drop us a note and let us know at brickhello(dot)sg(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll update this article if we do get an answer.

In case you need a primer on SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) exclusives, here's an article that covers it.

Here are some of the other sets that we've seen that has the sample label over the various exclusives released over the past years.

SDCC 2014 Star Wars The Ghost Starship

SDCC 2015 Action Comics #1 Superman

SDCC 2015 Throne of Ultron

SDCC 2016 BrickHeadz Batman and The Joker

SDCC 2016 BrickHeadz Black Panther and Dr.Strange

SDCC 2016 BrickHeadz Ironman & Captain America

SDCC 2018 LEGO Ant-Man and The Wasp

SDCC 2018 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cockpit