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Amazing LEGO Collections: 144 Bohrok Krana / Kal masks including rare White Metal Krana-Kal

Here is a great collection from an eBay seller letting go of their prized collection Bionicle masks, all 144 Bohrok Krana / Kal masks including the rare White Metal Krana-Kal.

The lineup of masks certainly look good laid out and arranged by the various colors.

The frame is custom made by the collector to showcase the masks it all their glory.

According to the images and sources around the web on LEGO fan sites, only 5000 pieces of the White Metal Krana-Kal exists. They were inserted back in 2003, randomly into Bohrok-Kal in sets and sold all over the world. This particular one as shared by the seller indicates that it was given to him by an ex-LEGO VIP Employee hence it does not come with the pouch and finders card.

While the White Metal Krana-Kal is one must-have in a collector's mask collection, there are in fact various even harder to find masks released. Some of what we are aware of are listed below.

. Platinum Avohkii Mask of Light. There's only a single piece that exists out there and was given out as a prize in Cartoon Network's Toonami Sweepstakes back in October 2003. The (current) owner of the piece and its origins and how he acquired can be found here. Interesting story and a good read from the owner itself in the forums and links.

14K Solid Gold Kanohi Hau Mask. There are only 5 pieces that exist and also part of a contest giveaway in 2002. One of the owners shared his recent acquisition on Reddit.

Image: Platinum Avohkii Mask of Light (left) and 14K Solid Gold Hau Mask (right). Source: The Bionicle Archives Facebook Page

Sterling Silver Krana-Kal. According to BZPower - 3 were sent to fan organizations. (BZP, etc), 10 in the Fox Kids UK promos, and remaining 72 in Bohrok-Kal sets.

White Metal Krana-Kal. This article is what you see. 5000 pieces officially and potentially some owned by LEGO employees that are out of the 5000?

Vacuum Metal Krana-Kal. An unknown number of pieces as the production and promotions was abandoned and what was made were given out to Protosquad members (Bionicle Fan Clubs). Source: Thread on BZPower 14K Gold - Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders. In 2015, in celebration of the return of the Bionicle series after a hiatus since 2010, a special gold mask was released in a contest.


The eBay listing can be found here by seller bionicleuniverse. At the time of publishing, the items are being listed as Buy-It-Now price of US $1,349.00. The following description is shared by bionicleuniverse

- Authentic WMKK + custom card next to it, made for display purpose (this White metal Krana Kal came from an EX VIP employee of Lego and never came with a card)
- All 96 normal Krana variants from 2002
- All 48 normal Krana-Kal from 2003
- Custom frame
- Rare official store Display material (plastic display promotion sign WMKK/SSKK, Shelf sticker beware the Bohrok, 2 plastic Bohrok Kal promotion signs.



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