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It’s build review day today. If you’re wondering why this review only is for the Vehicle, it’s because I bought this set without the minifigs. I started Lego when this was EOL and for some reason this set is rather expensive in the resale market. I’m pretty sure its price is in demand for the minifig which consists of Hawkeye and Loki together in a relatively not-so-expensive set which retailed for USD $19.99 when it was released in 2012. Special thanks to @joseph ho who I managed to get this set off at a very reasonable price (without the minifigs).

I was attracted to this set because of its nice looking vehicle and it comes in one of my favourite Lego colours - “Deep Blue”. I’m pretty sure its the same blue that we see on the recent Dr.Who’s Ideas set.

Box (Rating : 1/5)

Not a box person, it goes to the trash can, so I’m going to be a little biased here. However, I must admit that the display and angle of which the vehicle is positioned gives it a nice look - showing off a good side profile to market the set.

Parts (Rating : 2/5)

This set comes with 186 Parts (including minifigs) and they’re all pretty must standard and really the common stuff. What stood out for me was the low profile windscreen. It has much more of an angular slope and you usually see this windscreen used in “low profile” sports type vehicles that needs that sleek look.

Whats unique in this set is that the vehicle doors only come in this dark blue color exclusively to this set. While its not an expensive item in bricklink, its nice to know it’s one-of-a-kind for this set.

The Build & Instructions (Rating : 2/5)

This is the only reason why I bought this set, and I must say I was actually slightly disappointed and yet not surprised. The Marvel / DC Super Heros sets are very weak in build experience from the few sets that I own. Their primary pull factor are the minifigures which everyone goes goo-goo gaa-gaa over. I was hoping that this would be different, but alas, not really.

Externally this look like a good and sturdy build, but it doesn’t have enough parts to have any unique build experience. It took me about 20 mins on a slow build trying to appreciate the process. The doors slightly grazes onto the side “missiles” when opening which tells me that there probably wasn’t much thought put into the overall build.

The completed model (Rating : 3/5)

The size of the vehicle is larger than what I anticipated. I still have to admit, the finished looked is still impressive and I like the big-a** tyres. It gives the vehicle a grand look and the rims are somewhat recessed into the tyres which adds on to that grandeur. I was thinking if these set of tyres could actually be used for a nice bat-pod MOC. smile emoticon

Overall (Rating 2.5/5)

All in all, I think this is a mediocre set if only looking at the vehicle. I was expecting a little more from the build experience. If you’re a vehicle builder I suggest you stick to the City Themes and also the Speed Champion series. Those will give you a lot more build satisfaction as opposed to movie themes which most of the times create vehicles that are sometimes non-existent and have to be unique to the movie themes. I did try to source out some movie references, and I can say that Lego did “try” and they got some parts right and made it interesting to release it in blue instead of black as featured in the movies. Remember that Marvel and DC Superhero theme sets are meant for minifigure collectors and Lego knows how to play this to their advantage very well.

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