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Classic Space 891 Two Seater Space Scooter [Review]

We recently got a hold of this Classic Space set with the Box and Instructions. Let's take a look back that's released in 1979, that's 39 years ago from today (2018). Pretty amazing how these things are still around and in great condition.

It comes with 39 pieces and 1 Classic Space Minifigure in White. The back of the box shows the various other combinations the set can be built with ones imagination, which no longer is the way sets are advertised. Enclosed is a leaflet for the instructions.

The Build

The build is pretty much straightforward and does not take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

The Parts

These parts that make up the wings of the ship is pretty interesting. It's been discontinued, but it serves a pretty good purpose for having a great shaping Classic Space Ships. These Light Gray Wedge, Plate 4 x 4 Wing (both Left and Right parts) has been discontinued since 2004.

The Light Gray Tail 4 x 2 x 2 too has an interesting anti-stud mechanism. It's been discontinued since 2001.

The Space Gun / Torch was introduced the very year that this set was introduced and eventually discontinued not long ago in 2010. The Classic Space Logo printed element was discontinued during the cycle of when the Classic Space sets also disappeared from the LEGO lineup in 1989. Pretty interesting to know that the Modified 1 x 1 with 3 Loudspeakers / Space Positioning Rockets could still be found in sets produced in 2017

The Minifigure

The Minifigure is a keeper for sure. Coming in white with a classic yellow face and classic expression, it's what LEGO is all about. Simplicity and imagination.


Classic sets are pretty straight up, simple and has the iconic pointed ship with the Spaceman minifigure. Little much to say except that once a space fan, always a space fan!

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