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The Goonies Dimensions Review (71267)

The Goonies is the latest Dimensions that shipped, to be precise - Wave 9. This is one of those sets that are targetted at folks born in the and 70s as you would be at the right age to appreciate this Steven Spielberg movie. If you haven't already watched it, it's not too late! It's a classic kid-adventure story that still holds well to date. This set features two builds, a Pirate ship and a Skeleton Organ and a minifig of Sloth, the baddie that turned.... (oops, spoilers, I'll stop)

First, the box packaging as expected with Sloth having his hero moment just like the scene in the movie. Consisting of bags with mixed parts and a manual that's still practically useless, as it still does not contain any instruction build guides.

Ok, let's start with why we bought this Dimension Pack or most packs, it's for the minifigure. What? The gameplay? What gameplay? ;-) Sloth wearing a Superman Tee is the the perfect depiction of the Sloth on the movie screen. Even if you're not a sloth fan, but a Superman minifigure collector, this is one not to miss for your collection. Torso printed on both sides, pans in a single tone of grey.

You can tell that the colors of the shirt and pants were well transferred to its minifig form. We surely must have great LEGO designers that are fans of the Goonies.

A closer look at Sloths face and head once again proves that details do matter. An almost vulcan-ish ear and an eye lower with a unique mouth shape for Sloth. And let's not forget that tuft of a hair that's also made it to the figurine.

I'm less enthusiastic about this build. It features the skeleton organ which the adventurers find themselves with a challenge to solve or face a certain disaster.

Comparing the movie scene, its a tough call to make it even similar as the ghostly skeleton and its setup is pretty much of a monotonous dark brown color. Not the best of builds, but good enough.

The final build is the ship of One-Eyed Willy of which our friends seek their fortunes. I must say, the builders use some unique parts to emulate the sails of the ship, it's a good attempt, but falls short. There's even a walking plank on one side of the boat that was used in the movie, and two cannons mounted on the other side. I guess the little things matter and at this scale, it's as good as it can get.

A comparison of the ship in the movie. I'm not sure it does justice in detail and size.

A parting shot perhaps shows some resemblance to the tiny build and I'll forgive the designers for trying as I'm not sure I could do any better myself!

So, where do we stand with this set? The builds go into the parts bin, but the Sloth mini-figure is a keeper! Unique and not likely to be ever printed again. And that Superman Tee-print is never ever, and I'm willing to bet my life it'll never show up on another non-Superman mini-figure torso. I guarantee that. And hey, that headpiece is something you can always mess around with for funny faces.


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