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Mr Incredible and Frozone [41613] Review

The Incredibles franchise is a beloved one and I was personally delighted to see it come alive in Brickheadz form. Lets take a quick look at how it fairs overall from the out of box to build experience.

The box art

I have to admit, part of the appeal for any set out there is the box. With a great box design and color, half the battle is won over the wallets of any AFOL. Though nothing special, the colors are stricking and representative of a the franchise.

The contents

The builds come in two separate bags and instructions. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. I think it's pretty efficient and effective to bag them separately for builders to just get into it and build whichever their favourites are.

First off, printed elements for Mr Incredible. Only a single piece for Mr Incredible on a 1x4 brick. Part of the appeal of Brickheadz is that there are no stickers! This is great because these brickheadz characters are particularly meant to be display pieces, and you don't want stickers falling out after time.

Frozone however, come with 6 printed parts. The mouthpiece with his goatee is quite unique and the cyan color used for the rest of the elements are represenatitive of the colors of Frozone naturally.

The build - Mr Incredible

I can't remember who or where did the pink brain come from, but almost every brickhead will come with the signature pink 2x2 brick element placed right where a brain would be in a given skull.

Mr Incredible, well, looks Incredible. I love the color representation and the styling of his hair. I find that for brickheadz, the two signature things that make it a brickheadz a brickheadz is the color scheme of its outfit, and the styling of the hairpiece. This one does it well.

The build - Frozone

Frozone is the actual star and beloved character in Incredibles. Voiced none other than Samuel L. Jackson, its a thrill to see this character come to life in LEGO. Once again, the build is pretty straightforward with the customary brain in place.

He looks good as he should and pretty distinguishable at first glance. What's not to like about Frozone?!

Overall and comments

Let's look at the plus and minuses. First things first, we noice there's no longer special numbered plates to go along at the base. While it's all good, I think it just deserves a little better for a stand. While it's all LEGO and it all can get fixed up easily with parts from an AFOL, I'd prefer the fans out there to have a first hand experience of having a great base plate should they only go after specific characters.

From a part count, this set comes pretty low. Coming in at a 160 pieces, its pretty low, but if you ask me, that's forgivable. The build got its message across, and Incredibles are meant to be simple characters. Over greebling may ruin what its meant to be and diverge from the essence of being a brickheadz.


There is one part that I felt dissapointed with the overall build, it's the print and how it failed to match what's on the box. There's a huge gap at Frozone's waiste and it just looks way too off to what the pox depicted. It just ruins a great theme and build. I'd like to say I could overlook this, but every stare at Frozone just reminds me of this. I really think LEGO should not use Photoshop tricks to fix things that don't make it to the real parts. Shame on you LEGO!

In conclusion

All things said, I still do have to give LEGO a round of applause for bringing Incredibles to the plastic ABS world. It's really a beloved theme and sure to bring joy to fans (such as me) out there!

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