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Amazing Custom Handcrafted Wooden LEGO Builds!

Craftsman Craig Daniel is a master sculptor of sorts. He's able to create these XXX-tra LARGE sized LEGO minifigures and creations. The minifigures are 8x the size and fully articulated. They're made with basic hand tools a lathe.

Before you ask, -- No, he does not sell these as they really take quite a while to build. It's important to note that these are purely hand made. There are other wooen builds out there which use computerised controls which is suitable for mass production. Craig does every single thing by hand, which is extremely labourous.

The Technic Bike itself took over 120 hours and is his most challenging build to date and according to Craig, he almost threw in the towel more than once.

The Rocket Boy figure was also quite a feat, and required alot of planning and thinking.

The rocket works exactly like its minifigure counterpart with the ability for the minfiigure to slide right in.

Craig has a favourite, the Skeleton, but once again, was extremely tough work! From a build process, the arms and hands are really hard to get right.

The wonderful wooden builds are made with whatever Craig can get his hands on from tropical to temperate woods. The Spaceman and skimmer has Ash, Walnut, Boxwood, Bubinga, Purpleheart, Teak, Laburnum, Padauk, Beech and Maple, and that's just one build!

Althought he gets tons of requests, Craig says that building these will always just be a hobby and has no intention from making any profit for these.

You can get a sense of the scale with the minfigure comparison

The Pirate is made up from various types of wood we assume just by looking at the different color and shades.

Last, but not least, the Classic Minifigure!

Source: Facebook