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Beautiful Dream Home of a LEGO Fan

Updated: Apr 27

If you had a chance to build a LEGO home, one that is thought out from start to finish? What would it look like? We came across this design by Absolook Interior Design and their design of a LEGO themed home proposed for an actual location in Singapore and it's simply beautiful! The total floor space is 113 sqm and costs an estimated 55,000 USD ($78,000 SGD) Let's take a walkthrough of the full interior.

Living room - the designs at the TV console wall features the outline of a Minifigure head. Shelvings to fit in minifigure statuettes. The skirting between the floors are filled with studs - including the two-step staircase to the upper landing.

Living room / Shelves - One full wall is dedicated for shelves that would be great for showcasing new LEGO builds and perhaps some hidden cupboards behind some of the white panels.

Dining Area - The dining area seems quite unique and very casual and comfortable seats that almost have the feel of a lounge. A few cabinets with studs hold up the end of the marble table.

Kitchen - A very modern looking kitchen with cabinets adorned with studs and the yellow-white theme overlooking the dining table on the left.

Feature / Storage Wall - What looks like a feature wall with cabinets for storage is filled with random placed studs.

Home Office - Separated by only by glass panels, this gives a vibe to a very professional and office environment yet bright and calming environment to work in. Both sides of the wall feature cabinets with studs.

As we walk into the Home Office we are presented a working table space enough for two.

Master Bedroom - The bedroom is also built on a secondary platform. The lower platform with studs most likely host drawers for storage.

Bedroom - In the corner of the bedroom is a dressing table and chair with a clothing cabinet on the right with sliding doors.

Second Bedroom - The second bedroom is slightly smaller and perhaps suited better for a kid. Minifigure head frame resembling Andy Warhol's famous motifs and cupboards on the right of the room.

Restroom - The restroom is plain and simple and keeps with the overall theme of the home.

Bathroom - The bathroom lift a similar theme with the restroom and the only two LEGO

Thoughts and Conclusion

The overall design is great as it's not overloaded with LEGO themes but just enough touch to share the love of LEGO by the soon to be owners. The general theme is yellow, the colour of LEGO and the studs adorn every location that allows without overdoing it. We did learn from a representative that a renovation like this will take about 2 months from scratch. So, what do you think? Will your next new home be LEGO-themed? Leave us your thoughts in the comments! If you like what you see and want more we did cover another LEGO home of a hard-core fan in an article here. (Inside the home of a hardcore AFOL)

--- Disclaimer ---

Brick Hello has no affiliation with Absolook Interior Design and decided to share this (with permission) because it's simply unique and would appeal to our fanbase. If you're interested in their services, we suggest you reach out to them on their Facebook page.