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Maximizing your Pick-A-Brick Cup! [Pictorial]

All AFOLs always want to maximise and get the most of our Pick-A-Brick Cup as much as possible, but few are patient enough like Simpson Lim, a fan of LEGO from Malaysia. He took 90 minutes to strategise and plan for the best outcome and it’s well worth it! He documented his feat for us, so we can learn and learn to be a master planner like he is.

Not every strategy is the same - it all depends on the elements you're after. The sought after part here is the Trans-Clear Panel 1 x 2 x 2. First step is to fill in the bottom crevice.

Here's the stacking technique used by filling in the available space with 1x2 plates and a closer side profile look of the stacking of two columns.

You then basically stack it up in the Pick-A-Brick Cup

The last step is to fill in the void in the cover. And flip it over securely!

The feeling is good once you made your stash and get home to see how much loot you have secured. Parts galore!

What does that look like separated by elements?

Nothing feels as good as knolling the parts for visual satisfaction!

Final count:

1. 1x2x2 panel - 392 pcs

2. 1x2 plate - 345 pcs

3. 1x2 plate with 1 stud - 18 pcs

4. 1x2 brick - 19 pcs

5. 1x1 brick - 29 pcs

6. 1x2 brick with stud on 2 sides - 10 pcs

Total brick count = 813 pcs

And when you're done, mission accomplished! Stash secured for storage and later use!

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