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LEGO (China) Marketing: Creative or Controversial?

We all enjoy creativity from time to time, but when does it cross the line? It's understood when fans and hobbyists create new imagery for social media viral purposes, but when it comes from the official sources of LEGO Marketing, these images come across as culturally inappropriate. At the moment they are being shared on various social media channels and allegedly (now confirmed) released by LEGO China.

We've tried to trace the source of the images but at the moment, unable to verify the origins. We've reached out to LEGO social media outlets and also the source of the images which they have been referred to as a current source, and have not gotten a response thus far. (Update: 9AM GMT 3rd Dec. Our sources have confirmed that these are Official LEGO images.)

Admittedly, these setups are very well within the realms of creativity on a standalone basis. If this was the work of a LEGO Fan, these would definitely be acceptable - but the issue comes with it crosses the cultural borders of significant country iconic symbols and heritage of a country from an official company like LEGO. The Colosseum is in Rome, Italy is a place that hosts millions of visitors a year. To simply create imagery of such where chopsticks, bonsai trees and a home for a cat is utilised together with the grand architecture is rather crass in our books - especially coming from a global toy product manufacturer like LEGO.

Imagine if the situation were reversed, such as the Great Wall of China, or Forbidden City - be playfully advertised in a similar manner. Or if the American Lady Liberty were used in a less appealing manner? We're pretty sure there'd be a group of patriotic individuals that would find fault with them. The below is something surely extreme, but it get the point across clearly. When is a piece of art acceptable and isn't in an official manner?

LEGO is a brand that culturally is sensitive in many ways, and this seems a little disappointing if it's really something that was approved and released to the market.

This piece of news is still developing and as mentioned, the images have not been confirmed that these have been released by LEGO. The quality of photography and style seems to indicate so, or perhaps even some unused material that was leaked perhaps?

We'll update and retract (if need be) this article as the story develops.



住豪宅: living in a mansion / maisonette



真放松 Literally - really relaxed or Chill or Zen



来开涮 - literally translate to: let’s dip. But “开涮” also has a dual meaning - “making fun of something”



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