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For BTTF fans out there, you don’t even need to read this, proceed no further, just go out there and ORDER the damn thing! It’s a MUST have for your collection! Yes, that’s what I think of it.

Everyone knows what the Dimension sets are for, so this review is not about the gameplay but about the bricks enclosed in the pack! For those unfamiliar, each vehicle or gadget can be ‘transformed’ into several souped up modes during the gameplay. The same parts need to be reused, so I’m only going to cover the “base” model which is essentially the most raw and first iteration of the build.

DeLorean Build (Rating 4 out of 5)

The level of detail built into the DeLorean shows that we actually have real BTTF fans designing this within the Lego walls. It is essentially a minimalistic version of the Time Machine and *gasp*… it comes with working gull-wing doors! How cool is that?! The front hood and headlights captures the very essence of the DeLorean very nicely. What’s missing though is that it seems that the back part of the vehicle simply is ‘missing’? I’m just thinking that with the limited number of pieces to make it work as a dimension toy, there were some sacrifices to be made - what a waste! I’m hoping some talented AFOL out there can actually create a mod to this version to complete it. With every other aspect, I’m in love.

Marty McFly (Rating 4 out of 5)

Marty is the exact same incarnation of himself to be found in the Cuusoo BTTF Set. He’s sporting his dual face and his red vest with a torso that’s also printed at the back. What’s UNIQUE, is his guitar. At a glance you will notice that it’s plain red and featureless. What’s unique from all other ‘guitar’ elements out there - Marty is able to hold with the guitar with both his minifig hands to give it a great look! The back base of guitar body has a protruding bit for him to grab it onto! I’ve not seen this before in any guitar element - can some AFOL correct me if i’m wrong? I think this is simply TOO COOL! Had there been the prints on the guitar element, this would have been a perfect minifig to own.

Hoverboard (Rating 5 out of 5)

As a BTTF fan, if you didn’t heed my advice earlier, I hope this breaks the bank and convinces you. The hoverboard is as close as it can get to the movies. Whilst it does not hover, this is not the typical re-used “skateboard” that was issued in 21103 Cuusoo which was in purple (of which we have no idea WHY so when the board was clearly pink in the movie). This really is a gem to complete your 21103 set or complement your MOC.

As with that white winged-contraption that comes with the overboard - heck, I don’t know what its for but yes, it looks futuristic and just to beef up the board, yes, i’ll take it, but the overboard hits the home run out of the ball park!

Overall (Rating 4 out of 5)

I had my eye on this Dimensions set back as soon as the images were released, I’m absolutely delighted to have my hands on this.

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