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LEGO Duck (2011) Review (Exclusive Christmas Employee Gift)

TL;DR Summary

A set for LEGO exclusive Duck hunters [pun intended], it’s a must for true LEGO fans at heart at the core. Elements are easily obtainable making the box and instructions being the unique parts. If you’re a LEGO fan at heart, go bricklink this, before shipping it’ll probably cost you $10+ for used parts, and perhaps $20+ for new elements (before shipping). For display purposes, it’ll never fit in with any other theme that you have.

There are some things that are simply iconic if you’re a true to heart LEGO fan, if you don’t already know this, then you’re not in that category. The LEGO Duck is designed based on the wooden pull-along duck released in 1935 under the Wooden Toys Set. It is said, but I’m unable to verify that only 100 wooden ducks* were ever made. It was also one of the first toys to have its instructions re-drawn after the infamous factory fire**

If ever mass released as commercial set, I somehow think that most would give this a miss (except for the hardcore fans). The duck is a 2D extrusion in design as opposed to a 3D model that today’s buying culture desires. While the design is simple and utilising no special parts, the end result captures the essence of the wooden toy elegantly.

The Box

Designed with care and released in a box that’s thick and sturdy - similar issued by the LEGO IDEAS theme. Simply entitled LEGO DUCK 2011, its clearly not meant for mass release, but I must give LEGO acknowledgement that in every other way this is built as a real set would be. Compared to other exclusives like the Star Wars Space Slug, this box packaging is of their high standards.

The Instructions

Glossy material but thinner than IDEAS or Architecture instructions, it contains a backstory and additional candid photographs the founding family members that may have been showcased elsewhere.

The Parts

Consisting of 91 parts, they are not unique and rare and common elements save for the long string to pull the duck with. Whilst a small build, as with every LEGO set, it’s about the essence its able to capture with reference to the original wooden duck with the simple building blocks.

The Build

I built this duck twice - once in LDD, and thereafter with the physical elements. I must say that it was a bit more ‘fun’ to do so in LDD, but it was good to be able to physically hold and view the duck from various angles after the finished physical build. What’s unique is that the wheels actually do turn smoothly even on a hard surface, so it’s a nice play toy for your kid if you wish!


I like it a lot, and it grows on me. If I ever have a shelf to display my LEGO builds, this one goes up there without a doubt. It signifies from the history of how a company has transformed and evolved from material used in the yesteryears into today’s modern plastics.

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