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Commission by Lego Certified Professional Nicholas Foo

I recall a veteran AFOL once said to me… “If you challenge two builders to replicate a build just by looking at it - you will get the same external view, yet once you deconstruct the build, you can clearly tell the difference between an professional builder and an amateur one by looking at how it was constructed internally”

The last 24 hours was an interesting one - long story short, I spotted a unique looking set in a Daiso-like case on a local online buy/trade site. I looked at it closer, and spotted a familiar name, Nicholas Foo. Instincts told me that that I had to take it apart and see how it was built - no matter how small it was - that’s what I needed to do. Made the offer to the seller (someone was considering it, but did not confirm), I made payment and arranged for a meet during lunch the next day.

Come today, picked the item up and… feverishly finding a spot where I could have some quiet space, away from the crowd… sat down and… DAMN…. the shell casing was Kragled (glued) to the base. Ah well, have to wait till end day and see if I can get it out, and secretly hoping that the truck was not Kragled together as the base was to the cover.

Hours later, after dinner - managed to pry off the case using brute force strength without damaging the transparent plastic case. Picked up the truck and… alas, everything has been Kragled together. I guess my wish for the deconstruction phase will never be unless I have a chisel and a hammer and a lot a of patience.

Nevertheless, here for you to enjoy is the end product of a Lego Certified Professional in pictures.

As you can see, this is a Singapore Post commissioned gift. Everything was glued to each other including the case was tightly sealed. No idea how many of these out there or when was it commissioned. Anyone out there?

Removing the case by brute force shows gives you a little clearer view on how much stickers were used to get the finished look.

The truck was held together by two studs (yes, all glued together) those two parts either less glue or it just wore off, as I was able to easily pry it apart.

The side view gives you a nice perspective on the simplicity of the build.

A closer look at the stickers placed and how the windshield was build buy just stackso f transparent plates and studs.

The stickers go all the way back even to the details of the rear lights and palette jack and hazard symbols. Yes, technically, it’s a wrap around of stickers.

The front view of the truck - once again simple.

The overall build hid the kragle quite cleverly, but I did spot a leak of the glue.

For what it’s worth, this is the belly of the truck.

(Photo Credit: Nighteye -https://www.flickr.com/photos/myfavoritepictures/22519772996)

Of course I had to compare it to the real McCoy, and this is the best I could google. You decide if it’s a good representation of the 4 Tonner Truck!

At the end of the day, a build is a build, I guess for certain commissions, even for a Lego Certified Professional, there is only so much design and creativity you can put into a MOC to emulate a truck. :-D

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