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Who is the Grandma in the "100 year old" LEGO MEME?

The MEME will always re-surface every 27 days as according to the nonsensical laws of team BrickHello research. That’s when we gain a virgin AFOL within the community and sees something that desperately needs to be shared.

This familiar face of a 100 year old woman being disappointed that she can no longer enjoy LEGO as it’s beyond her age.

WHO IS SHE? Is she real? Is she really sad? While we will never know the original creator of this infamous MEME, but we can certainly track down old LEGO LADY and find out if she’s real? Someone’s Grandma? or a real AFOL at heart?

It didn’t take long for team Brick Hello researchers to find out that…. she’s been paid to do it. WHAT DID YOU SAY? Yes, she’s paid because she’s part of a stock video, and I’m sure she’s received compensation along the way.

Lil old lady is filed under with keyword references "happy hundred years old lady blows 100 candles in a rush on a birthday cake” and can be found on Shutter Stock and you can buy her in full HD video with a cost of US $79, or if you prefer the web resolution version, $19. Her video is copyrighted under a possibly photographer/videographer named Targosz

If you noticed, there are two versions floating around with different LEGO sets associated to them, one of them having her looking at the cake with a sad face and the other one looking directly at the camera. The reason both of these exists is probably created by the same person simply because it’s a video capturing her at different moments.

What you do not realise is that she actually smiles at some point along the video before she blows out the candles.

You can have a look at the full video at Shutter Stock.

Link to Shutter Stock asset:

For those of you who are curious what sets that she's upset about in the two different versions? It’s the basic creator sets. Another small mystery solved!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen… mystery solved! I’m sure there’s more to come…. but, there’s just one more thing…. as always, I like to save the best for last… Grandma LEGO has another stock video where her cake is on FIRE!!! And someone has to put it out for her! Goodness gracious!!!

Video Source:

Yes, that’s a funny video to look at and imagine what she had to go through for that filming!

So, the next time you see Grandma LEGO, you can be rest assured that yes, she’s someones grandma, we won’t know if she’s really a century old, but DAYUM!, she a MODEL and definitely leads a dangerous life!! 😀 😀 😀


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