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How 15 months has changed the LEGO retail landscape in Singapore

On December 17, 2015, I did a review of LEGO stores that AFOL in this forum frequently haunt, or bring reference to. Today, 15 months later, let’s take a look at how much of that landscape has changed in this time period.

The baseline of this statistic is from my previous writeup here:



After a million bricks later from picking up this hobby, and from this habit of mine, I can see that LEGO prices are being controlled extensively with the mushrooming of Certified Stores by 1000%. We have less retail options now that LEGO is controlling the scene more, and its sad to see MONO stores disappearing.

Fine Print:

Special Thanks to Crystal Tan for providing some of the updated Store Information. Any further mistakes or assumptions you’d like me to clarify, I’m happy to do so.

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Fine Fine Print:

  1. Storefront considered as business from general footpath. MLBS moved, and considered and less one retail storefront as there is no footpath for general (accidental) walk-in business, although with online and general business.

  2. Mistakes are all mine

  3. I’ve no affiliation with any of the stores mentioned here

  4. My baseline is from the stores I’ve reviewed on my last article 15 months ago. Yes, there’s TRU and METRO, those are not part of my article or statistic