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CMF 17 - Where LEGO got their inspiration

As they say, no ideas are original these days. The saying goes "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants", so let's assume for a moment that we're LEGO designers and we all took an inspiration from somewhere else and just improved on it. What would they be? Of course, these are my official opinion.

Whether you want to assume LEGO and I have the same wavelengths, is entirely up to you. Also, if you want to believe everything you read on the internet, you should indeed.

Professional Surfer

Inspiration: The late Patrick Swayze. 80s heart throb is the first person that came to mind when I saw this. Respect the man, he can surf and also can dance.

If you haven’t heard of Dirty Dancing? Again, you’re too young. Go rent a VHS Tape and watch it together with Pat’s other famous movies. Here’s a list to help you. IMDB

Circus Strong Man

Inspiration: 1920-1940s Circus Strongmen

So, who was LEGO thinking of? Let’s find someone close to us in the region. Have you heard of Mat Tarzan? Ah, if you haven’t, you’re not old enough. He’s a Malaysian strongman that performed in The New World Amusement Park. It was the first of three amusement parks, that wooed Malaya and Singapore night crowds from the 1920s to the 1960s.

During his prime, his famous feats included pulling with his teeth a lorry carrying 15 adults which would weigh about three tons, and bending iron bars across his throat. (I quoted Wikipedia there)

And when i mean ‘night crowds’, I do mean striptease shows, say what? You didn’t know Singapore had such naughty things? Go catchup on history about The New World Amusement entry on Wikipedia

Gourmet Chef

Inspiration: Top 10 Female "Celebrity" Chefs?

So I had a hard time with this one. I couldn’t figure out which chef Billund had their eyes on when they decided to be inspired. But I’m pretty sure that it has to be Giada De Laurentiis, just the right color of hair tone and famous enough. She was inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame in 2012, is an Italian-born American chef, writer, television personality.

One thing I’m pretty sure of is that public facing chefs do not don the famous whities and the toque blanche.If you don’t understand what I mean, click the following.

Warning: Borderline NSFW.

Corn Cob Man

Inspiration: A High Action-Packed Movie

I’m 73% at a confidence level that someone in LEGO design team was watching this old movie called Cornman: An American Vegetable Hero. It’s so popular that IMDB had forgotten to even have a movie poster out there. So I had to google for these.

So what happened to the remaining 27%? It was surely the alcohol content of the drink of the designer when he made the decision to go for Cornman as a figurine.

You still thinking it’s a joke?? I kid you not. Head over to the Trailer on YouTube and IMDB entry here

Oh, and since we're at it, here's the DVD insert.

Do you like what you see? No? Not at all? Sad for you because its not a choice for you. I do have to complete the rest, we’re all have LEGO OCD and over and above, it would not be fair to the other minifig characters not having their limelight.

Watch out for the next instalment on the a rainy Wednesday or something - same bat time, same bat channel (Updated: Here's the rest of the series Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

Fine print (always a disclaimer isn't there?)

1. Minifigure images used with permission from The Brothers Brick, coz they have the absolutely best images on the internets. Check them out at I hear they're the best LEGO blog site on the planet, but don't take my word for it. Go check it out.

2. I stole other images off ‘google’ as well.

3. I stole even more lot of other stuff from just googling. Go google, and you’ll find the source. If you’re upset, drop me a note, I’ll give credit.

4. And as I said earlier, if you believe everything on the internet is real, it is, including this.

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