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CMF 17 - Where LEGO got their inspiration (Part 2)

So I begged LEGO to give me an exclusive preview of the Minifigure characters for review. They didn't bother to even reply. So I had to do this. Before you proceed, remember that there's Part 1 to this. Hop over there to see the reviews in sequence (or not), I don't care, I just thought you should know. Let's carry on where we last left off...


So pretty! Someone in Billund must have really liked the doctor from the TV Series “Scrubs" because this definitely is Sarah Chalke and that’s who it seems this Vet is modelled after! She’s got the hair, she’s got stethoscope and scrubs, what else do you need? Granted not a Vet, but if I like her, you have to too!

Sausage Man

What’s the difference between a Hot-Dog and a sausage? The Bun!!! If it has a bun to wrap around -- its a Hot-Dog, if it’s just the meat, it’s a sausage. Good answer yeah?

WRONG! Answer: A Hot-Dog is a TYPE of sausage. Does it matter?

What I can only tell is that Billund are full of folks who love these. They just fill their tummies with more sausages or hot-dogs to feed them during their brainstorming as staple food for thinking of new minifigures - or the conspiracy theory is... they simply ran out of ideas! Meh!

Butterflies Girl

Theory 1: Under 18 version

LEGO did something original. This is certainly unique of a character. There is no ‘little girl who dresses up as a butterfly and looks this cute. Bravo LEGO! You score 1 point for originality! Yay!

Theory 2: Adult Version

If you are not aware of what a Blotter Art Paper is used for, STOP go to Jail, Do not pass GO, Do NOT COLLECT $200, just head straight to JAIL. OK? Comprendo?

Ok, the LEGO designer is confirm on a HIGH while designing this psychedelic, colorful, minifigure character. This deserves to be on a piece of Blotter filled with the "good stuff” ifyouknowhatImeanyeah?

If you’re still do not understand what Blotters are used for, repeat after me, I will not do silly things to myself. Then you can hit THIS.

Roman Gladiator

Although it’s said he's Roman, He’s actually a Dothraki Gladiator mixed together with an Atlantis Gladiator. Everyone at LEGO loves nudity, uh I mean Game of Thrones and Super Heroes, including the designers at Billund.

Well, there you have it, the 2nd instalment of the crazy folks at Billund and how they think. Remember, everything you read on the internet is true, else how could it be on the internet in the first place!?

Remember to tune in for Part 3, which should be a lot more exciting... (or not).

Credit Roll:

1. Minifigure images used with permission from The Brothers Brick, coz they have the absolutely best images on the internets. Check them out at I hear they're the best LEGO blog site on the planet, but don't take my word for it. Go check it out.

2. I stole other images off ‘google’ as well.

3. I stole even more lot of other stuff from just googling. Go google, and you’ll find the source. If you’re upset, drop me a note, I’ll give credit.

4. And as I said earlier, if you believe everything on the internet is real, it is, including this.

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Sausage Man Photo from here.

Sarah Chalk Photos from here. 🥛

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