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CMF 17 - Where LEGO got their inspiration (Part 3)

So, we’re back again with the 3rd instalment of the series, you say 3rd?? Yes, you must been playing with your minifigures too much if you’ve missed Part 1 and Part 2. I’ve still have not won any pulitzer or oscar awards yet, but a man’s gotta try right? Alright now, not much time to spare… let's get on with it.

French Man

NSFK (Not Safe for Kids) - this design of the minifigure has a provoking accessories (yes, you! naughty naughty LEGO Group). That little packet on the right is none other than a rubber! WAY TO GO! HIGH FIVE TLG!! Yes, we know Frenchies are are the best lovers on the planet, so you had to "rub it in" further?

You even put that baguette there! "Mange ma Baguette" translated to English is "Eat my Baguette”. I LOVE YOU LEGO! We always knew - Let’s make LEGO LOVE, not WAR!

If you want to do a Mass Order, drop me a note ya? We share share to save shipment costs! LOL!

If you're too shy and want to order them yourself, click ORDER HERE! (At the moment out of stock, damnit, so many LEGO lovers out there)

BONUS accessory : The doggie is there to represent… (I won’t say it - but I know you know it - so if you know what I think - and I know what you think - we all agree we think the same way ya?)

Battle Dwarf

I think it’s quite stereotyping dwarfs and degrading to aways categorise these short folks to have moustaches, and beards and weird hair.... and always carrying a weapon of sorts. It’s like - why can’t they be dressed up properly like Danny Devito in a Tuxedo. Oh wait, they had that in the last series? Peguin Kid! Focus focus!!!

The origins of this mini-figurine seems to be taken from the movies from the Dain Ironfoot from the Hobbit. Everything fits the bill, from the red Punk Styled Hair, Tattoos, Red Beards and the Axe (and in some concept art he wields a hammer)

Retro Spaceman

Ok, let’s get serious for a moment. This Retro Spaceman, thus far is one of the best thought out of all the minifigures in this series. It deserves a larger mention here for taking various pieces of history and doing a great mashup. It actually features muted yellow & sand green color themes from both Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers comics from the days your grandma and grandpa bought comics. Buck rogers inspiration from the modern TV series is included as well!... and some Space Ranger and Space Cadet thrown right all into it. Seriously folks, this a gem, very well created minifigure!

80s Dude

This is without a doubt, Sonny “Crockett” from Miami Vice. Once again, this is a no brainer, but I think that black hairdo is just off! Shame on you LEGO! Further proof needed? No one, I repeat, NO ONE... wears a pink shirt with a white “Taiwanese-Pornstar” suit like Sonny does. Yes, that water-bottle mobile-phone? Yeah, you only saw that in the 80s, there ain’t no iPhones or Androids back then ok?

That's all for now folks in this edition of the CMF 17 (alternate) review. We have 3 (or 4) more figurines to go? Make your guesses or share your thoughts!

Thank you notes:

1. Minifigure images used with permission from The Brothers Brick, coz they have the absolutely best images on the internets. Check them out at I hear they're the best LEGO blog site on the planet, but don't take my word for it. Go check it out.

2. I stole other images off ‘google’ as well.

3. I stole even more lot of other stuff from just googling. Go google, and you’ll find the source. If you’re upset, drop me a note, I’ll give credit.

4. And as I said earlier, if you believe everything on the internet is real, it is, including this.

5. Special thanks to Soon Pau Voon for pointing out the Frenchman condom ;-)

I've said it too many times, but it's worth saying again! :-D Remember to like my Facebook Page so you don't miss any alternate LEGO news.


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