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CMF 17 - Where LEGO got their inspiration (Part 4)

We’ve come to the final chapter of this CMF inspirational investigation, the most talked about review of the LEGO Mini figures (According to the alternate news outlets).

If you some how missed our previous character reviews, you'll definitely want to do some catching up with Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Now on to our final four!

Rocket Boy (AFOL Edition)

If there's a Rocket Boy, I must be sure there's a Rocket Girl as well. And lo and behold!!!! I found her... or shall I say, I found it!!! It is advertised as "shaped like a retro-styled rocket and with engines powerful enough to make the space shuttle shake, quiver and quake, this waterproof vibe will take you to the moon…and back for more" If you've still not figured out how Rocket Girl works, I suggest you explore the places that you've never been before in the internets, I'm told it'll take you to new heights where NASA has not even explored before. Don't take my word for it though.

It took me a while, but I now understand why Rocket Boy might have such an expression, he's pretty nervous. I wonder why?

Rocket Boy (KFOL Edition)

Did you know that if you search "cartoon rocket” in google, all rockets seem to be drawn the same way? So it seems fair until I googled Rocket Boy and found a similar looking fellow inside!!! Granted he’s not in a suit, but hey… close enough! Rocket Boy looks very much like it was a photocopy of this German online Kite seller.

Dance Instructor

Heidi Montag is the closest figure I could find in recent pop culture that fits the bill. What? Who is Heidi? Well, if you must know, When Michael Bay was looking for a Megan Fox replacement in Transformers, she was up and running for the role, but only to be outdone by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She dressed up as an 80’s Instructor for a weird video called Overdosin’ that you can find on YouTube. Don’t click on it unless you want to have sleepless nights.

Elf Girl

Let’s not even try to argue that this is my ex, the one and only Liv Tyler. We have a huge LOTR fas in LEGO I’m 101% sure of it. The proof is not what lies in front of what you see on her face, but what of that that lay on her chest.

Before your mind wanders too elsewhere, I’m talking about the the necklace that she wears. Aren’t they a little too similar? I rest my case!

The Highwayman

This is a tough one but it looks like it’s not impossible - LEGO hid this from us for a while, but all secrets will be discovered. We once again have fans from the 80s! Adam & The Ants featured in Stand and Deliver is where Stuart Leslie Goddard, and English singer and musician is featured.

If that does not sound familiar, you kids that claim to be young at heart, give this music video a hit and tell me you don’t know Adam Ant? Whoahohahoahoaha there’s always room at the top!!!! 😀

Well, that's all folks.

Thank you and hopefully you’ve found this unsanctioned CMF 17 review entertaining and perhaps gave you a laugh or two (or twenty seven).

The Finale:

1. Minifigure images used with permission from The Brothers Brick, coz they have the absolutely best images on the internets. Check them out at I hear they're the best LEGO blog site on the planet, but don't take my word for it. Go check it out.

2. I stole other images off ‘google’ as well.

3. I stole even more lot of other stuff from just googling. Go google, and you’ll find the source. If you’re upset, drop me a note, I’ll give credit.

4. And as I said earlier, if you believe everything on the internet is real, it is, including this.

5. Highwayman mystery minifigure obtained from REDDIT! Where all secrets are leaked!!! From here!

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Milk for Handoko 🥛


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