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CFOL - Celebrity Fans of LEGO

Instead of a callout for "Celebrity AFOLS!" which would be what we surely want to be associated with, but let's be realistic and call it as we see it - celebrities who enjoy LEGO or what I dub them the title of a “CFOL". The criteria of a CFOL is based on celebrity folks who enjoy building with LEGO.

The difference between an AFOL and CFOL is that the former hoards and gets emotional about bricks, the latter simply enjoys building with LEGO and has shared their love in mass media.

Britney Spears

LEGO status: MOCcer

Collection: Unknown

Image Credit: Rolling Stones

First off we have sexy Britney Spears. Say wahaaatt? Yes indeed! She’s actually puts some of us to shame as she does her own MOC! How do we know? She’s confessed on both Twitter & Instagram that she enjoys them and has built a six-blade heli-transport that looks like it could hold a 1027 brick payload!

On her social media post she says the following “Oh & look at my new hobby my children have given me - my new past time is building legos” and then gives a link to an Amazon generic LEGO search.

Hey Britney, if you're seeing this, drop me a note, we can build LEGO together anytime you want, kay?

Brad Pitt

LEGO Status: MOCcer

Collection: (potentially) Architecture & Modular

Though its hard to verify this, it’s a "someone close to the family said it” kinda reporting. It’s quoted to say:

“Brad loves playing with the kids — especially if it’s Lego bricks. He makes no secret of the fact he’s fascinated by Lego and loves to design his own buildings with the kids. In fact he’s often still building long after they’ve got bored and gone to bed. Angelina thinks it’s cute.”

In another piece of news, he reveals how he deals with stress, it almost hints that he may had an interest in LEGO as a kid.

“Architecture is like play to me. As a boy, you play with Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Legos, and you get interested in how things are made, like cars and drills and all that. Years later you come back around to what interested you as a boy. Now if I have something that I’m dealing with that’s causing me a lot of stress, my mind goes to architecture. I walk around the yard and start thinking about what I need to do to the house structurally. It’s similar to puzzles in that way, like a crossword puzzle or anything else I can put my mind into. It’s a relief for me.”

If bad boy Pitt loves LEGO, shouldn't we all not be shy and come out of the closet?

David Beckham

LEGO Status: EOL collector

Collection: Taj Mahal, London Bridge

Image Credit: ITV.com

David has been in the news quite a lot and it’s pretty known in the AFOL universe of him and his love for LEGO. We actually have a video interview of him saying he “actually loves building LEGO” back in 2010 in an interview with Yahoo. He was asked if it wasn’t in football as a career, what would he choose? He mentioned he loved drawing cartoons and building LEGO. I’m proud of him of actually using the term right, LEGO in its plural form, which hints that he may actually be a true AFOL!

He goes on to say that he loves building them with his sons and if he could he would like to be a professional LEGO builder. During his injury timeout he actually acquired a Taj Mahal (I would assume an EOL set). He knows its not a career, but he loves doing it.

The 1 minute interview clip below is worth a watch.

And more recently in 2014, he was interviewed by the UK Sunday Times Magazine, and revealed that he’s just completed a build of the Tower Bridge. He’s reveals that the building process helps him to calm down and continues to enjoy them with this kids.

Seems like there's a few of us out there that use LEGO to relieve our anxiety from work, but then again, I know a few of which LEGO only increases the stress level in your home. Yes, you-know-what-I'm-talking-about!

So there, we have it, 3 CFOLs that share the same love as we do. Do you know of any other CFOLs out there? Give them a shoutout and I’ll add them in a Part 2 feature if we have enough material to work on.

p/s: Oh yeah, one last thing - It seems like another difference between CFOL’s and AFOL’s are one buys LEGO for their kids and enjoy it WITH them, the other one buys LEGO and hides them from their kids. I’ll let you figure out which is which. 😀

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