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LEGO Star Wars Lightsaber Pen and Notebook Stationery [Review]

Office stationery has always been a love of mine, the feel of pen and paper can’t beat writing as opposed to the current digital devices of today. What more now that it comes with the four letters we love most all things plastic. These LEGO merchandise was spotted in a WH Smith store at Changi Singapore Airport.

I couldn’t help but pick these two up. A notebook and a lightsaber pen. The book costs just under 7 USD and the pen going for under 5 USD (Prices shown on the items are Singapore Dollars)

How does the pen function? The back of the package gives it away, the hilt is removed to reveal the head of the pen. So basically the lightsaber is the barrel of the pen, and the hilt is the cover.

Both the front and back has a matt finish, and gotta love the Darth Vader Minifig pose at the back cover.

The paper is of a yellowish tinge and not pure white as with other generic type notebooks. Paper quality is of 80 grams (I suspect) has 96 sheets and measures 21cm x 14cm. The lightsaber, is decent enough, and made of 100% plastic (of course). Somewhat the usual stationery type material that LEGO would sell. I would say it's the same type of plastic that you see the plastic LED lights are made of.

Here’s a closer look at the nib of the pen. It’s secured with a piece of rubber so that the ink does not dry out with a long shelf life.

What happens if the ink runs out? Well you could unscrew the edge and technically if you can find a replacement ink cartridge, you’d be all set to go.

The MOST IMPORTANT TEST… how does it write? I would have thunk that the ink would be unimpressive, but I’m 200% wrong indeed. The pen is based on the gel based type ink (as opposed to a ball point) and it writes extremely smooth! That little rubber protection at the nib should be a clue earlier on, but this just confirms it! (Note, the packaging also says GEL pen)

The only one complain I have is the print which goes across one side of the sober. COME ON!!! WHY!!?!?!!?


I will be grabbing a whole lot more of these lightsaber pens and notebooks if I get the chance. It writes well, great ink, and it looks great!


Here’s the other items that we saw on the shelves.

Star Wars - Being a Star Wars fan, these are charming indeed with Vader and Boba Fett splashed across the front cover. For the price that it’s going, it’s a decent priced notebook if you compare it to the higher end products like what Moleskine charge for something similar in size.

How is it possible to say no owning an lightsaber that gives you the power of the dark side? Remember, the pen is mightier than the (lightsaber) sword, so this practically means you have the most powerful weapon on earth. The eraser is pretty gimmicky though, just because you color ‘em red and black does not give you the right to slap on a Star Wars branding. Then again, looks like they can indeed.

Now, this particular set of pencils are a missed opportunity. It basically has 2x2 plate so you can stick your favourite minifigures onto your pencil. It clearly says minifigures not included. Now, imagine if it did come with Storm Troopers - lego would sell 27 million of these pencils to create armies of Storm Troopers and probably 700 trees would be sacrificed in the process.

Lego Movie 2 themed books did not really capture may fancy. I could see a market for Unikitty, but not sure about the rest though.

Miscellaneous Accessories show a few other unexciting stuff.

These have been in the market for quite a while now - pencil cases and a journal board which are generic and not movie or theme related.

Erasers, pens, pencils, stick a LEGO Logo on the, it is possible to make a million bucks. The power of a great brand.


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